An Award of Sheaths

After a little dispute with my father, I moved out to live independently. I was 35, and had it all already – there was an inheritance which was in billions, but my parents, especially dad, would not rest until I got married.I moved into an estate with a few belongings – the most basic and essentials I needed. I did not really mind, as far as I was living freely.

This was where I met a tall fair boisterous lady with an enormous behind. She drove me crazy, sensually. I was not myself. But who was I to dare the new me, the one who was now virile.

“You’re the new guy?” Jumoke asked.

“Yes,” I replied, “I’m Kator. You live here?”

Beeni, I’m Jumoke, your next door neighbor.”

“Mmmm, little wonder the brightness around here.” I teased.

She giggled. “You’re alone?”

“Errmmm, yes.”

“Hope you don’t mind me staying with you briefly?” She asked, rather suggestively.

It took more seconds answering but I nodded in the affirmative. She went into her apartment for about a minute before she opened my door and walked in. She threw some gestures occasionally and smiled even when I said nothing funny. The more I ignored her, the more signals she sent. I tried concentrating on the “Suits” movie on my laptop, but after a brief silence, she complained of how unentertaining I was, and worst of it, was the boring movie which my eyes were fixed on.

“You can change it.” I told her. It seemed like what she had been waiting for. She stood, despite the many directions leading to the telly, she chose the one from my viewing position. She bent down evocatively and changed the movie to “Spartacus!” A scene came up immediately which put me in the mood. I struggled with the thing between my legs but it would not cooperate with me. She immediately caught sight of it and the game began.

It did not take more than a day before my bed felt a stranger in its space. Although my first, with a good instructor, I was already an enthusiast.

I showered and was relaxing in the parlor, waiting for her to cleanup as well when someone knocked.

“Who is there?” I asked.

“Open, o jare,” was the reply.

I stood, hissed and opened the door. It was the landlord.

“I’m here to tell you about the meeting of tenants. It’ll be by 7pm. You must be there. We’ll all converge under the cashew tree,” he told me.

He was leaving when the screeching of the bathroom door made him turn, only to sight Jumoke in my towel, which was tied up to her chest.

“Good evening, daddy,” Jumoke greeted.

The landlord lowered his glasses, looked sternly at her, then at me, shook his head and jammed the door.

“That’s my father.”

I was utterly dumbfounded.

It was some minutes to 7pm and I walked slowly to the venue. The others were all seated, discussing who will take the usual awards – Most Friendly and Tenant of the Year. The landlord arrived some minutes after 7pm and began the meeting. I lacked composure and kept silent all through, only concurring to the points of others.

The time for awards came. The landlord started, “The Award for the Most Friendly Tenant and Tenant of the Year goes to Ndifo and Kashim respectively.” There were rounds of applause for them as everyone agreed they deserved it.

The tenants stood to leave when the landlord asked us to wait for another. Three packs of different condoms were raised by the landlord. Everyone was startled, then he continued, “And this special award goes to the Horse-power of the Year, none other but Kator!” I stood, not sure how to feel, but could only smile as the others clapped thunderously.