Of Biafra, Quit Notices and History Peeping, to Repeat itself ?

Michael Ayua

WARSare fought for divergent reasons. Every battle has its tale; some start wars to preserve heritage , others for ideological reasons they believe are akin to the right to life itself. Whatever the reason, war is a grievous, grievous thing. And so in Nigeria after 47 years of one of the bloodiest civil war in history , echoes reminiscent of kwashiorkor babies, mutilated pregnant women , blown limps and destructed schools are being brewed in pubic domain like a coffee exhibition.

The myriad of problems bedevilling Nigeria are as old as Nigeria itself. Corruption, tribalism, nepotism etc., are nothing novel with the boarders of Nigeria. In fact the foundation of Nigeria had most of these problems as its concrete, and till this day the structure stands.

History, they say, is necessary to understand the present; even the bible starts with ‘in the beginning…’ Thus, the first republic barely six…

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