Quite a day…

Michael Ayua

Today was rather funny. Woke up by 3:30 am. Checked the internet; wasn’t working. Tried sleeping back; wasn’t working. Darn Mosquitos tried biting; wasn’t working. But the clock was working, ticking, rather slow I suppose.

I slept back at an hour I can’t recall. Had a dream- all blurry. Eyes opened at an hour past my alarm clock’s duty moment. How come i didn’t hear it ring ? I jumped out of bed, or did it ring? Did I sleep deaf? But the mosquitos rang. Then what? Wish I told you i checked under the bed for it. But I don’t possess, own or wish to borrow an alarm clock. My brain on waking up and initiating its active cognitive process likes to trick me into thinking i owe items which are antithesis to sleep so as to jump start me out of bed

It worked. I hopped into the…

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