Where is she now?

She left the world leaving a letter around.

She said it was okay,

She said life was hell and better in the other room.
Could she be in hell because murder is a deadly sin?

Or in heaven because she deserved it?

Why did she have to go?

She didn’t deserve all that pain in her soul.

She didn’t deserve to feel alone

Why did she have to feel so cold?

I feel this way but still I say.


The world says it depicts weakness like tears from a person’s eyes.

But if you knew and felt her pain inside,

You would realize how badly she wanted to die.

“She was selfish,”

But if anything, 

She was selfless.

Because she stood through the pain so long for people to go on.

Where are they now?

Hers was a cry of a teenager in a hell hole,

“Let’s leave her to her demons,
It couldn’t be that serious. 

Her life may just be a joke.”

Till we woke up one morning, and she didn’t.

 Everyone feigned shock,

“But she always seemed happy. What could have made her kill herself?”

We all pretend to have cared,
Because only then, would we have a clear conscience.
But we remain accomplices to suicide.


3 thoughts on “Tribute!

  1. This is lovely narrative poem written in free verse. The language is very simple and the message is evident..the poem tells us of a woman whose woe led her to take her life..the poem contemplates on where one goes after committing suicide, would a person be justified and allowed to enter heaven if he commits suicide because he can no longer bear pain or would he go to hell because sucide is a sin. The poem has it that suicide is a display of weakness.
    The poem try’s to justify the act of suicide by young woman by stating some reasons such as loneliness and selflessness, these made her feel being alive is living in hell, thus death would teleport her to a better place.
    The poem portrays that not all who laugh are happy . The poem also accuses the people around as aiding her to commit suicide becaus of their pretense to love why they don’t …
    I enjoyed d poem..nice one mr Tarkaa..from today onwards I will show people real love so that I won’t be labeled an accomplice to suicide.

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