The Rope , the gavel and mid night auctions

Michael Ayua

The court ‘’they say’’ is the last hope of the common man; the rock in the weltering Storm . And when all about him seems lost, gloomy and oppressive, it is the court that will rectify the wrong done to him , if indeed he, not necessarily as a saint, approaches the temple of justice with clean hands.

Therefore it goes without saying that the judiciary in any jurisdiction is an important institution; it is the barricade that prevents society from falling back into chaos and anarchy; the knight that rode society into civility; and the tempo that will sustain progress. As such, the blindfolded “lady justitia”stands not only as a symbol of impartially and incorruptibility but most importantly as a symbol of justice and fairness. Her scale of justice being tipped only upon the merits of each case.

In Nigeria, the judiciary in the light of present circumstances has…

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