Campus Affair (Episode 1)

Here is yet another outstanding, very enjoyable and highly creative work of Bismark. I wish y’all will subscribe to his blog and follow the story. It’s just beginning..



(Bismark Benson University, 2nd Semester Examination)

“Settle down everyone! Keep away your bags, handsets, notebook or any foreign material that may implicate you. The examination is about to commence…Please, place your Id card on your desk. I believe you know the rules and conduct of the examination. Woe betide you if I catch you with “Omo krikri” (cheating material). If you’re caught copying or ‘gyrraffing’ You’ll not only leave the exam hall, you’ll also be expelled from Bismark Benson University!”

(A massive scream of “Arrhhhh!” erupted from the hall)
“And please…A student per seat! Don’t cluster together. ‘Hey! That boy! You, yes you..leave that seat and find somewhere else..I’m talking to the boy in black shirt..’ Ehen..all of you get seated! You just have 2 hours and 5 minutes is gone already!” The robust, female exam
invigilator announced with a firm tone.

The students scurried in the…

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