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So I’m even giving reasons.


“The first to plead his case seems right, until another comes and examines him.”

-Proverbs 18:17


You know, there seems to be a lot of stuff in the Bible blaming Satan for this and that. For example, talking Eve into sinning, tormenting Job, possessing people. (I know you’re probably saying, “ Well, odd too that GOD does a fair share of tormenting people.” But that’s somehow okay.)


There are also ‘slanderous’ remarks referring to Satan as father of lies, the great deceiver, the dragon etc.


But where’s Satan’s defense? What’s he got to say about all this? The testimony against him is all one-sided.


Doesn’t the Bible teach that a one-sided case will appear to be right until there’s a cross-examination? (See Proverbs 18:17)


Isn’t it a common tactic to try and discredit your opponent so that anything he says will be discarded? Typical trial-lawyer bullshit, right?


Is Satan silent because he’s been barred from presenting his case? Or is he perhaps just being the bigger man by not responding to all the vitriol hurled against him? Or maybe he isn’t anywhere around Earth and GOD is taking advantage of his absence?

LOL!! Not an atheist though, but don’t question it, we all at some point think like this.



  1. Actually Ur comment on my article pretty much pissed me off ..I ain’t GT no idea of y u feel I don’t speak good English ..BT then anyways I loved this article and the way u think and I respect it ..itd be a great help to me if u were to rectify my errors

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  2. Satan/lucifer was probably cast into hell for questioning god, whereas the bible tells us to be like sheeple and just believe or else its hell for you, no free will there. In the bible, satan requires gods permission to do anything, but then armageddon is a fight against satan? Its like, god is good even when he is bad and can never bad whereas satan is bad even when he is good but can never be good. Im beginning to wonder the maturity of this loving christ of ours, srsly. I dont really understand the logic in all this. It sounds like the narcissist/scapegoat mentality, finger pointing, blame shifting, gaslighting etc. Ive tried believing in christ, but I failed miserably, so might as well stop trying and give up completely, its not like believing in christ made me a better person anyways.

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