This Is Why You’re on This Planet.

That Girl Dorian.

This is Planet Earth. Have you ever wondered why we’re here? Whether you believe in evolution, The Big Bang or God’s creation of man, the fact still remains: we’re here. On earth.


Well, I’m a stickler for the creation theory and I’ve always wondered why God put us here. I’ve heard many people say, “oh, we were created to give God praise.” I do not disagree but I think I have another idea.

You see, almost all religions have the “heaven-hell” theory which I deeply believe in. “Why?”, you may ask. But why not? Please, don’t tell me all these bad people won’t suffer for their terrible deeds! This same theory forms the basis for my own ideology.

God is super powerful, we all know. If he wanted, he could have just put all humans in heaven and let us enjoy being pure and saintly. But no, He didn’t and…

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